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Connection error when logging into Soundcloud (Rekordbox 6.0.2)

Hi everybody,

When trying to log into Soundcloud through Rekordbox, I constantly recieve the 'Network Connection Error' telling me to check my connection and try again. This keeps on happening, and I've tried the following things:

  • Connected to a LAN-cable
  • Manually allowed the app inbound and outbound internet access through the firewall
  • Logged out and logged in several times to both Rekordbox and Soundcloud
  • Tried opening the Rekordbox-app as Administrator

What else can I try of should I do?

btw. In a topic from 2015 people refer tot the KUVO DJ License Key but I can't find a link to my DJ license key on my KUVO profile..

Your help is very much appreciated. 



Jasper de Vries



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