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Rekordbox Multiple Missing File Locater Not Working

I just got a new computer and have been trying for three hours to get my music files into my Macbook Pro's Rekordbox Playlists again so that I can organize my music in Rekordbox 6 on my new macbook pro.

All of my songs currently live on my external drive. I plugged in my USB stick which has all my playlist information currently. I move each playlist from the USB External Device section to the Rekordbox PLAYLIST section used from the Macbook Pro.

The next step I do is I take out the USB stick and now all the files are showing missing in the Playlist tab. This of course is intended. When I try to use the multiple file locator by using File -> Display All Missing files it doesn't work.

What I am doing is selecting all of the missing files and then selecting the song from the folder in the external drive. That song is found after selecting it, however when prompted to also look in this folder for the other songs it keeps saying "0 files found"

I have tried almost everything. I even went to the backup folder I had on my old computer and exported that to the new computer's Desktop to verify whether it had anything to do with the external drive. THESE ARE THE EXACT SAME FILES FROM MY PREVIOUS COMPUTER. NO FILENAME CHANGES AT ALL. The multiple file selector still doesn't work in this situation.

My goal is to keep the external drive as the source of truth for the Playlists I use on the computer and thus which will be used on the USB. I do not want my music solely on the USB stick. My USB stick Playlist always changes and has less playlists than on the Macbook Pro and I'de like to keep it that way as there is more space to organize music.

Please help. 400 songs. I do not want to do these 1 by 1. 

Domenico Cusumano

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