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CDJs 350 do not connect to macbook - Serato Dj (SL 3)


somehow i cannot get my cdj 350s connected to my MBP as controler for Serato DJ.

2 x cdj 350 + djm350 + + Serato SL3

MacBook Pro 2019 - OSX Catalina

Used the CDJ / XDJ Aggregator Tool and see the CDJs there (can also see them in Serato DJ)

used Setting instruction for cdj 350

1 Press the [ ] button on the CDJ for more than 1 sec.

2 When [SELECT DECK] is displayed on the CDJ’s main display area, select the deck to be controlled, by rotating the rotary selector. The parameters are set by pressing the rotary selector.As described above, the Scratch Live can now be controlled from the CD

But the CDJs just say connect - not connected

I do not reach the deck selection


Does a usb-c hub that also connects the power supply to the macbook count as powered hub ?


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Finally I can answer here by myself:

I got an answer from Serato. Easy, but not so satisfying:

CDJ350s HID Mode isnot supported in Serato DJ !



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