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Initial Cue Point not saving ancd can't add other cue points

I am having an issue where the initial cue point isn't saving and I can't add other cue points by clicking memory.

I'm in Export Mode and the 2 player view on Windows 10.

The track loads up like this ...

I set the Cue Point at the first beat ...

And save it to Memory ...

I then want to add another cue point further into the track ..

Usually, I would press the 'Memory' button to add the cue point, however, this does nothing. The only way to set another cue point, is to press 'Cue', then 'memory' ... then set the initial cue point again, as in the second screen shot

So now, it looks like this .. Initial cue point on the first beat, end cue point further down .. All saved to memory

Now, when I remove the track from the player and open it up again, the initial cue point is back at the start of the track ...

I hope I'm missing something simple here :)


Glenn Petersen

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This is only an option for the PERFORMANCE mode, selectable in the preferences:

In EXPORT mode, the master cue is always set to the start of the track.

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Thanks Pulse

That explains it, but why can't this be the same in Export Mode ?

How about the issue of not being able to set another cue point <MEMORY> without having to first set the <Cue> and then press <MEMORY> again ? I'm pretty sure that I could press <MEMORY> as many times as I liked to set a cue point.

I hope that makes sense !


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As export mode is not intended for performance-style use, it doesn't have the preference to load the first hot cue / memory.

If you want to SET another memory point, you need to first press the CUE button as the main cue point is what is used to set the memory point.

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