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Sound on labtop speakers

I am using a DDJ-RR on rekordbox 6 latest version.

When using the labtop speakers in rekordbox the sound is coming from the speakers correctly, however when you insert speakers through the headphone port on the labtop the sound keeps coming out of the labtop speakers instead of the external speakers. What can i do to make the sound coming out the external speakers.


kindest regards Frank.

Tips would be usefull :-)

Frank Thepass

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Or select the headphone output as the default audio output for your computer system.

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Hi there, sorry for the late reply but could not answer to your replies on my mobile.

I kept getting in a login loop, so here we go.

When the DDJ-RR is disconnected from my labtob i can use a bluetooth speaker to connect to or plug externa speakers into the headphone jack of my labtop.

But the soon as the DDJ-RR is connected the connection to either bluetooth or the headphone jack fail. There is no way to select the output option, well there is but noting changes or happens.

So it only happens when using rekordbox and the DDJ-RR.

Disconnect the lot and the sound setting off the labtop have to be changed again and i can get sound through bluetooth and external speakers using the headphone jack.


Wierd isn't it.


The reason i would like this to be working is so that i do not have to buy a set of active speakers cause they are expensive :-)

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