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Rekordbox DVS - L/R P/A Balance error & set-up problems

I have Technics SL-1200 running into Pioneer DJM-450 mixer, and I am trying to set up control vinyl.

I have the turntables running into the phono inputs, and the channel switches on the mixer set to computer.

When I play a song, the sound comes out, so I know the signal routing is correct BUT...

When I go the the DVS tab in Rekordbox settings

Channel 1 (Deck 1)

a) Doesn't show the circular waveform, it only shows a flat line.

b) When I try to auto calibrate the L/R P/A Balance, an error message appears next to the start button.

c) The playback is all pitchy - moving between correct playback speed, and super slow

d) Some attempts cause the playback to be at half speed

e) Manual calibration doesn't fix any of this

Channel 2 (Deck 2) - the waveform shows correctly, but I still get the calibration error

Any ideas what is going on??


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A flat line indicates that one of the inputs is not working. If you reverse the L/R and the line goes from horizontal to vertical, you know the issue is not the mixer. Things you may want to check include:

- the RCA cable
- the headshell wiring
- the cartridge
- the stylus

You'll need to fix that before addressing any other issues with the DVS as some are related.

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Thanks very much for the reply.

It was the RCA cable which I replaced. There was an easy instructional video on youtube, and it basically was 4 solder points that needed to be removed and re-soldered.

Info for anyone with similar issues:

I worked out that one of the RCA cables was faulty, when I removed them one at a time from the mixer inputs while playing a record. Just the white was fine, but when I left only the red one in, there was no audio, just a buzzing noise.

Once the RCA cables were replaced, the DVS signal worked perfectly, and the calibration worked on both decks perfectly as well. 

Thanks again.



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