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CDJ 2000NXS2 Will Not Link To rekordbox

I will attempt to explain the problem here. I have 2 CDJ 2000 NXS2, plus the DJM 900NXS mixer, running on a PC with rekordbox 6.0.2. 

I have them all connected via USB through a Hub. All has ben running fine until yesterday..

Upon powering up the gear and Rekordbox, I go through the sequence to link the CDJ's to Rekordbox on my laptop...Push the Link button, press the knob to connect to assign each player, and nothing happens. The player number that normally pops up to allow me to assign each does not come up. The screen basically stays inactive and does not give me the display that shows they are linking, or linked. The Link button blinks, but they will not connect or assign to rekordbox. 

I have changed all of my USB cords, and HUB. I unloaded and reloaded rekordbox, I did a master reset on the players, I have all of the latest firmware on the mixer, and the CDJ's, etc. I purchased them all 45 days ago, so they are under warranty, but thought I would ask via this forum?

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If you're trying to link in export mode, the players and mixer must be connected via ethernet. You can connect the DJM or one of the CDJs via USB to act as a bridge (when using the ProDJ Link Bridge driver) but all of the devices must be connected together using ethernet.

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