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Using CDJ's without a PC

Hello guys


So i just recently got a set of CDJ 2000 Nexus and having the damndest time using all the features WITHOUT a PC. 


I have downloaded Rekordbox. and exporting my tracks to my USB. 


Plug my USB into the CDJ's and it says "use rekordbox for "X" function"" blah blah blah... Very frustrating.


The blasted detailed waveform won't even show itself.


Is it mandatory to have a PC plugged into the CDJ's if i want to use those functions?!


I really hope not....




Your local noob.

Mike St. Germain

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No, you just import your tracks into Rekordbox, have Rekordbox analyze them, and then export them to your USB via right-click > Export Track.

Try watching Rekordbox tutorials on YouTube.

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