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Rekordbox: Renumber ALL / Multiple



Ive been a user of rekordbox for some years now and the playlist management is poor at best. When I heard about rekordbox 6 I was excited for some improvements but there are none that I can fathom. 


There has been a lot of talk over the years with regards to playlists both intelligent and non intelligent with order of music. I point to this thread in particular


Of which has a lengthy discussion some years ago with changes promised but absolutely nothing implemented since. 

In an ideal world I feel the re-number function should be scrapped entirely across the board and instead implement a system where the sort order viewed for that playlist becomes the default order on export. This would be really useful for multiple intelligent playlists so the user would never have to worry about re numbering the order. But Most likely the answer to this would be 'database limitations' 

So as a constellation would it be possible to enable the selection for multiple playlists and folders to apply the re number function to those selected. At present the only way to do it is click on each playlist and apply each time which is painful. It is such an clumsy way to work and this feature has remained unchanged for years when promises have been clearly made to improve it.  




Ross Martin

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