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Product Idea for DDJ-XP3


I’m not sure if I’m at the right place but I have a great idea for a new DDJ XP3. I’m a proud owner of a DDJ-XP1 and i DJ with vinyl and Timecode. The reason for me to buy the XP1 was too select my tracks from recordbox not using the mouse and keyboards and this works if you create playlists. So now it’s a combination of pc-monitor and the browse button on the XP1.

Now my problem, I’m old school and 43 years of age. I don’t like it when I play time code I always see a wavform the bpm and so on my monitor. I would like to start recordbox turn my monitor off do everything on the XP1. It’s very distracting to me. And in some cases I don’t have an nice spot to place my laptop or pc.

So my wish is that pioneer makes a new DDJ-XPX with a 7inch touchscreen so I can select, search my tracks and swipe them to my decks. Just like browsing on a CDJ or XDJ with link functionality. This will make my workflow a hell of al lot better and I’m not distracted by my monitor.

What are your thoughts on this matter. Can some send this message to product development.


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