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DJM 900NXS2 audio of USB Outputs 9/10 go where exactly?

Hi again,


Back with another problem that I can't understand with the 900NXS2 Mixer.


Now that you have finally fixed the MIDI issue with Ableton on Windows (for me at least), I'm now struggling to understand where the hell the audio goes when I send to Outputs 9/10 from ableton?

According to the Mixer driver settings utility it should be direct to MASTER as FX Return 9/10.

This is apparently greyed out though so I'm guessing you won't let me use it without sucking the teet of apple and ios for your RMX1000 or your REC app. 

So then this begs the question: Why can I see the ports in an ASIO enabled program, let alone activate and assign them to channels/master outs, if I can't make any sound come out from there?

I have tried to see if they are on any of the aux return selectors to no avail... 



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Hey Robbie,

Sorry, those outputs are strictly internal FX returns; they can't be used by any application for output.

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