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Recordbox lyrics

Today i dicovered that the lyrics function in recordbox 6 is limited to 3000

Why is this limited?

This is the answer from recordbox dj

Lyrics is a 3rd party application and the limitations are to do with the agreement Pioneer made with the company but it’s something Pioneer are working Pioneer are in talk with the company to acquire them but pioneer have been unsuccessful in making a deal yet

My Oké I can understand this
But I pay now for this function and it’s limited
I asked myself where do I pay for then?

Recordboete dj

I don’t know what you would like me to do ? Maybe if you stop paying for it sell your equipment and get yourself a job that gives you more satisfaction


Recordbox answer


Anyway I’m off to the Pub for a strong drink and week of listening to people complain day in day out makes me want to walk in front of a bus ... maybe next time I get a message it’s a nice person saying how much they enjoy Rekordbox Software



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The present set up with Lyric is that you can store up to 3000 lyric tracks, after that you would delete one to add one.  Do you already have 3000 tracks loaded?  So far it seems end users have not capped out and gotten to the 3000 limit since most seem to use tracks with Lyric and them move.  Completely get where you are coming from with your concern, but afraid that's the set up for now.


Will pass on your thoughts by moving this to Features & suggestions so it will be seen sooner by a representative.



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