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DJM 450 - soundcard issues? Help!

Hello all - 


I just got a new DJM450 - it powers up but, it doesn't seem to be receiving/producing sound. Even from the headphone port, no sound. The sound bars EQ, don't light up. It lights up when i apply the noise FX, but doesn't seem to be receiving form turntables. 


Even though i'm trying to use analogue for now, I updated drivers and firmware to latest versions - still nothing. 


- I've have two pioneer 1000 turntables, plugged into the phono and ground.

- I plugged in powered Presonus speakers to Master 2 RCA's 


I'm not sure what else it could be, it turns on fine but the sound is the issue. Is it the soundcard? If so, I would have to exchange? 


Appreaciate your help,  



Juan Niño

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Hey Juan,

Let's start with a simple question of configuration... do you have the phono input selected on the top of the channel strip, and did you adjust the TRIM knob to control the incoming level?

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