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Soon ....!?!

So I understand why Pioneer post their stock answer to everybodys question of when will the next CDJ come out but I also understand everybodys lack of patience and frustration.

These "industry standard" players are so old now and technolgy has passed them by. Denon have come out with amazing hardware and if their software was any good, they would have a bigger share of the market.

I have bought (and sold) Denons becuase of the software which is a real shame as the players themselves are amazing.

Other companies are releasing kit in 'Covid' times so why not Pioneer when there is clearly a HUGE demand for new stuff.

Hopefully this is soon ..... Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw1OfYcorNk&t=6096s around 1hr and 41mins.

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I don't think a new CDJ is necessary, as their line from the CDJ-900 on up could be improved sufficiently just through firmware with a couple tweaks if Pioneer was willing to listen and heed.

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