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Using UK Pioneer DJM 707 in US

I have an old UK DJM 707 mixer I am trying to use here in the States. I see the voltage on the plug at 250v so I bought a transformer to step up the voltage of my plug outlet to power on a 250v device from 110 outlet.

It's not turning on, don't know if a Fuse has been burnt or how to replace it.
But I noticed the plug itself can be removed and I am trying to find if there is a US Plug I can switch it to.

If anyone is familiar with using Pioneer DJ products from the UK in the US, prior to the 110-230v builds, would you know if its possible to swap the UK 3 prong plug to a US 3 prong?

This two prong piece fits inside this housing that makes it a 3 prong plug (Believe for grounding, could be wrong)

here is the transformer pics

The instructions which I believe I followed

and the 707 power cable outlining the 250v

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Sorry, I don't have information internally as to the DJM-707's multi-voltage status, so to play it safe, I'll recommend you only use whatever input voltage is listed on the back of the mixer. In your case, that should be 240V. To use it in the US, you are correct - you'd need a step-up transformer to go from 120V source to 240V device.

Looking at the transformer, it seems you've got it set correctly; the switch is to select the source voltage (120V), and it would automatically set itself as a step-up transformer.

It can handle 300W, which the DJM-707 is far below, so it it's not turning on, it could certainly be a fuse. Having opened a 707 before, I can't recall if there is a fuse inside, but I wouldn't recommend you open it yourself - that thing is a crazy sandwich of circuitboards.

You can contact one of our Pioneer DJ authorized service centres to have your mixer serviced.

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