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DJM900 NXS2 poor sound quality when recording (worked fine before)



I wonder if you can help. I have been using the nexus 2 setup at Pirate Studios in London for a month or two now which is great. I have been recording my sessions - audio and video using OBS, using the mac webcam and an extra webcam for the video and a USB cable from the mixer to my macbook to record the audio.


This has worked perfectly well every time having set it up properly, I've uploaded some of the videos to YouTube for example, so no audio quality issues at all. But suddenly yesterday I ran into issues and I don't know what changed.


Yesterday after recording a mix for an hour in the usual way, i watched it back and the sound quality was awful. it kept dropping out all the time, there was a light buzzing sound, it was completely unwatchable and really frustrating. All the levels on the mixer and in OBS were as they always are, i am using exactly the same equipment and settings.


I noticed this after I had left the studio, so I decided to go back a few hours later and booked a different room - same setup but different equipment, in case there was a faulty usb connection in the first room.


The same happened again. This time I would record smaller sections to test it, not wanting to do a whole hour before realising its not working. On the smaller vids, it would sometimes be fine, then suddenly change and sound horrible again.


Please let me know if you need any more info, do you have any idea why i might be getting this horrible noise all of a sudden? The usb cable i use if from my pioneer ddj 400 and it works fine right now at home for that.


The only possible thing i noticed was that the usb didnt feel particularly snug in the mixer, there was  fair bit of wobble. I don't know if this is always the case or not as i've never had any issues before. It was the same amount of wobble in both usb slots, and also it wobbles a bit in my ddj400. its not as if the cable could have shrunk in the last 2 weeks though, and i have recorded using the equipment ion both of the exact rooms i was in yesterday in the last 3 weeks. 


Any help will be much appreciated, it was such a good way to record my sessions and i don't really want to have to figure out another way of doing it from the rec out if i can avoid it because i think i have to buy an external sound card for that.


Thank you!

James Turner

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Dropouts could be due to background applications or tasks consuming resources and running the buffer down; try increasing the audio buffer size in the preferences.

Buzzing is more likely due to a ground loop or interference from something else; check the connections of everything and ensure that your Macbook's power supply is grounded.

I would recommend trying a different USB cable as well - if you have one with a ferrite core on it, that can help eliminate some minor noises.

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