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DJM850 - No Audio Device in OS X (latest firmware/drivers/and OS X)

In the DJM Setting Utility it shows the device is connected. And when I change the input sources for each channel on the mixer, it is reflected in the DJM Setting Utility. However, in OS X (and any other software), I cannot select any the DJM as an output or input device. It simply does not appear as an option.


I am currently running OS X 10.15.6

DJM-850 firmware ver 1.10

DJM-850 setting utility ver 1.2.0


And if it matters, here is the Mixer Audio Input and Output config:

Mixer Input--

USB1/2: CH1: USB

USB3/4: CH2: USB

USB5/6: CH3: USB


Mixer Output--

USB1/2: Post CH1 Fader

USB3/4: Post CH2 Fader

USB5/6: Post CH3 Fader

USB7/8: Post Ch4 Fader

USB Output Level: -5 dB

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