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DJM 900 Nexus SRT Auto BPM Detection

Hello everyone .

Have several Pioneer equipment like cdj 2000 , cdj 2000 nexus 2 , DDj 1000 , DJM 800 and now i Bought (last week) a DJM 900 Nexus SRT at a very good price ;)

Everything was ok , until yesterday... the Auto BPM stoped workin and its flashing on 120 not reading the bpm...

I have it connected via USB using her soundcard in Traktor. Now here is the thing ...  if i turn the knob to phono it detects the bpm , and if i switch back to usb it starts flashing again!! If i turn the chanel selection Knob to mic or master it detects the bpm too , if i switch back to channel 1 or 2 that im using , it stars flashin g again loosing auto detection !

if i use a usb on the cdjs it works ok ! if i use a music cd it works ok too! 

If i use the cdjs has soundcard it works too

So... its using the DJM 900 Nexus SRT usb connection :/ 

any one Had this problem ?? Solved it ? Its very anoying ! Everyrhing works great except the Auto Detection :/

May i say , that i updated the firmware yesterday too ... was 1.00 and update it to 1.13 . Was it a coincidence ?? Not sure if yesterday before de update there was this issue ...


Any help ? Please 


Thanks a lot everyone


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Wow. This is very peculiar indeed.

Just to verify, as the srt in de djm900srt stands for serato, do you have this problem in serato as well?

Iirc, you can unlock serato simply by connecting the djm 900srt by usb to your computer.

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