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DJM V10 as Audio Interface (ISSUE)

Hey gang, I just received my new DJM V10 mixer and I have an issue! I installed the drivers, updated all of my apps, repaired permissions, ran sudo commands, disk utility, etc... Basically primed my OS for the mixer. I updated the firmware and read the instructions.

I connect the DJM V10 and when using the utility app from Pio it shows as "connected" - and I have the routing set up appropriately.

Whether Ableton, Logic Pro X, or Serato - the mixer does not show up in the list of possible audio interfaces. In Traktor it shows, but it's red and says "V10 - not connected"

It also does not show up in my OSX audio preferences screen. The mixer is just not available as an IO.

So... I uninstalled the PList file and restarted, then re-installed the drivers. I cannot find another solution. I tried both USB ports, activated and de-activated the MIDI button below the USB ports, etc...

I purchased this mixer specifically to use in my live setup as the Ableton mixer and I reeeeeeally hope someone has a fix, bc right now it's just not functioning as advertised. Thanks in advance!

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