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Artnet Output from Rekorbox Ligtning to use Light Visualizers such as L8

Dear Pioneer Colleagues,

I am using L8 as Light show visualizer and also for my Virtual Productions https://youtu.be/89oTz7ViyfY.

This software works similar as others available in the market, i mean it can receive DMX signals via Artnet and would be great if Rekordbox Ligthning can offer this possibility because we can see immediate results in visualizer without be necessary mouting all the Trusses and Light fixtures.

the request is the following:

- Have in Rekordbox Lightning the possibility to transmite DMX signals not only to RB-DMX1 but also to Artnet

- Them we can configure Light Visualizers such as L8 to receive input from Rekorbox Arnet Output.

With that we can have a virtual view of our light show in real time and make any needed adjusts in position and other things.

Thanks in advance,



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Sorry guys, the RB-DMX1 box is the only hardware capable of outputting the data, so if you wanted to use other devices or protocols you'd need to convert / input into another device for that purpose. Sorry!

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I would love this

I'm a lighting guy and DJ

I want to use Rekordbox DJ to trigger lighting cues in GrandMA2 or Onyx rather than program my lights directly inside rekordbox

If the RB-DMX could unlock Artnet and sACN, that would be a massive upgrade for this system

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Hi @Andrw Waugh,

If you want to trigger CUES in GrandMA or Onyx send me an e-mail, I have just finished a development with a company that allow to have Timecode LTC/MTC from Rekordbox.

If you want to know more send me an e-mail I can give you some additional information. sergioherculanomusic@gmail.com

@Pulse Thanks for the answer, Regarding the ArtNet, I did what you recommended, I got a device that is able to get the DMX input from RB-DMX1 and convert it to ArtNet, I understand that the purpose of RB-DMX1 is to provide a simple and fast Light Control and cannot be compared with specialized light solutions such as GrandMA, Chamsys and so on, my goal now is to use RB-DMX1 only for simple gigs and with the development we made now using timecode is possible to control light shows in any device or software that accept LTC or MTC, besides that is also possible to control Resolume for instance.

This is the device I am using to convert RB-DMX1 to Artnet LCI 512 ATS Interface Art-Net 4 em 1 | vendas (3trvendas.com)

I guess the biggest confusion people makes do is try to compare RB-DMX1 with these other solutions, of course the results and possibilities are totally different and the cost as well.

I am not a light designer, but I studied some other light solutions until understand the differences and the features, today I am able to control GrandMA2.





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