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Cable Set up on SP16 to XDJ-XZ

Can someone help me on this?

I am trying to connect and SP16 to an XDJ-XZ thru channel 4 or 3 but for some reason I just can't, looked for videos on You Tube but didn't find anything

I Have cables connected on the INPUTs of the Toraiz to the SEND on the XDJ-XZ and the ProLink to the SP16 to the Channel 4 on the XDJ-RX also the BEATFX selector on channel 4 on the XDJ.


What am I missing?

please help

Antonio Guerrero

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So link from the SP to the XZ and then audio out of the SP to channels 3-4.  You would connect the send from the XZ to the SP if you were sampling the XZ.

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