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Negative Beatjump in front of Track

Hi there,

since 2016 I'm following the history of RB DJ and one big feature request, that's still not implemented.

I'm a Serato user since Scratch Live and after implementing the Beatjumpt feature a big fan and user of it.

In Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ you can jump in front of the track. For example: if everything is in 100% sync and you are at Beat 16, you can jump back 32 beats and the track jumps to -16.
You can turn your fader up and after 16 beats the new track starts in perfect sync and at beat 0.

In RB you will just jump from beat 16 to 0 while jumping 32 beats backwards.

Same on the XDJ-:XZ standalone.

I tried the XDJ-XZ cause I wanted to buy it and want to use it with Serato.
A very funny experience is: When using Serato und jumping backwards in front of the track the waveform display in the middle of the XDJ-XZ doesnt show this jump into negative... it jumps correctly but the waveform on the XZ stays at zero...
Could you please finally fix those two things?

I really want to buy the controller but it's useless for me without this negative beatjump in RB and standalone, since my whole "DJing workflow" builds up on this feature :(.

Best regards


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