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Strobe issues


You recently added my strobe and its the only light not working with the RB-DMX1 

I have it set up the address correctly and have tested it but it just intermittently flashes and doesnt strobe when I hit the strobe button like the rest of the lights.

What could be going wrong? should I make it the first in the chain?

Light is the *Unknown - DMX-1500W Strobe Light

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Hi James,

Apologies that we were not able to reply back earlier. 

Here are messages from rekordbox engineering team.

That device emits strobe light at regular intervals. 
The RB-DMX1 can control its strobe light interval and its brightness, so it seems that it is operating normally.
"FAST / MIDDLE / SLOW --STROBE" in PERFORMANCE mode controls the Strobing effects other than Strobe category all together. 
The order of the DMX chains doesn't matter.



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