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CDJ-3000 + Lights = NOT working correctly

I'm using this products with the new Pro DJ Lighting Link feature.

- CDJ-3000

- DJM-900NXS2



The auto deck selection is making it UNUSABLE.

If this won't be fixed, I will avail of the free return for all these products, it's unacceptable to ship a feature that doesn't even work the way it should.

Watch the video to see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtgwwxobclkmi3y/IMG_4596-720.mov?dl=0

Adrian Sio

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Hey Adrian,

We are aware of this complaint and are working to resolve it in a future update. Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi Pulse,

I'm glad you are aware of this issue, it literally makes the claimed Pro DJ Lighting Link feature unusable as you probably understand.

For example, the chorus of deck 2 is playing and the lights are doing their stuff, then I start deck 3 in the cue, beatmatch and bring it up slowly and the lights completely shut off because they switch to the phrase of deck 3, completely killing the vibe.

May I know when this will be fixed? Because if this works, I'll keep the equipment, otherwise I'll return the CDJ-3000 and the DJM-900NXS2 because I wouldn't be able to use the lights.

Thank you.

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Hey Pulse,

It's very nice that you said you were working to resolve it in a future update meanwhile the support team said these words:

Sorry, our moderator did not forward your post to the Forum thread to the rekordbox lighting engineers and planners. 
This is why he answered below. 
"We are aware of this complaint and are working to resolve it in a future update."  

However, only the first portion "we are aware of this complaint" is true, but actually the engineers are still considering if we will be able to improve or solve the issue.  
In other word, we cannot say we will be able to solve the issue you kindly reported at present. 

I swear I literally have no words from how such a big company is handling its customers.

It would be so freaking simple to just admit the feature is not working the way it should and just ship a rekordbox update that freaking just fixes it!

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To correct a misunderstanding, I passed the information directly to the lighting team engineers, rather than creating a ticket. We certainly are trying to ensure that all our customers have their voices heard, whether it's a feature request or a complaint about something not working properly.

So as I said above, we are working to resolve this issue and we thank you for your patience while the fix is created.

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