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Rekordbox 6 XML

Hi Pioneer,

Could you please bring back the xml export functionality (or any other generic way to export my data)? My beatgrids and cuepoints are in lockdown if I would upgrade to Rekordbox 6. This is a dealbreaker for me to upgrade.

I try to mention this as polite as possible. And I know there are other topics about the same. But in this case, I think it is justified to bring this up again and to bring this again to your attention as good as possible. I am a big fan of Pioneer hardware (I own a XDJ-XZ and a DJS-1000, they are both awesome), but the decision to remove xml export is, in my humble opinion, unethical (it prevents me from true ownership of my own data, and we all know we cannot use Rekordbox 5 forever because it becomes unsupported legacy). I am sure you are not deliberately trying to make customers life difficult, but this business decision does has a tangible negative impact. I would like Pioneer to be aware of this and to reconsider.  

Could you please vocalize these concerns again to the development team? The more customers that bring this up, the bigger the change that this will be corrected.

Keep up all the good work, I have big respect for the high quality of your products. We all make mistakes, and we all can learn from our mistakes as well.


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Such a nice request indeed.
I request the same, this is my #1 issue with RB6.

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Rekordcloud supports it, but I didn't try it because I'm still on rb5

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