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Hot Cue Issue

Good morning,

When using CDJ2000NSX2's with Rekordbox in Performance Mode everything works fine.  But when switching to Export Mode (Pro Link) or when using a USB (Pro Link)  (with Rekordbox Playlists) all my hot cues start playing automatically when touched.  I've tried all the settings and can't seem to figure out how to get them to stop.  What is the setting I am missing?



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Hey Michael,

What you're used to is known as a "gated" hot cue; the function of the hot cue follows the function of the deck; if it's playing, the hot cue will play after release, whereas if the deck is stopped, pressing the hot cue will be momentary. Unfortunately the CDJ does not have a gated hot cue function in stand-alone or linked playback. It is a popular request and our team is aware of the demand. Thanks for your question.

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I would really like to see the gated hot cues on the CDJ 3000s. This is one of the the only things why it took me so long to switch. If this and the support for the DDJ SP1/XP1 gets implemented they are pretty much golden for me. :)

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