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CDJ3000 and ExFat

Is there a specific reason the CDJ3000 doesn't support ExFat.

It was mentioned that there was no implementation for export capabilities as there were no devices at the time that supported it. The CDj3000 could have been a nice first step. 



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When the 3000 was being developed, there was still a massive license fee for implementing exFAT in products. Microsoft made this open-source back in November of 2019, but it was already a bit late for the 3000. We've made our engineering team aware of this and hope they're able to add it post-release as a firmware update, but I'm not sure if it's technically possible or if they're planning on including it when FAT32 and HFS+ are still viable options with current drives and OS's. I understand exFAT has its benefits, but those two options do still work.

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Ok, but still CDJ3000 is flagship device, with marketing on best processor on any players etc, it should be "easy" to create software/firmware update for it, that will support the NTFS and exFAT, since they have benefits and are requested by Pioneer CDJ device users. So is it possible to develop/deliver this feature reqest and share with us roadmap?

Thank you

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