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Does Traktor work with CDJ -3000?

I've followed the CDJ-3000 manuals for linking a "DJ app" but I'm unable to get Traktor to show up as a source.

I've also followed numerous videos for previous CDJ models (HID) mode, but still not able to get Traktor to show up.

Can anyone help troubleshoot or let me know if Traktor is not compatible (yet) with CDJ-3000?

It seems they've changed "HID" mode to "control mode" or maybe I'm missing something here.


I'm on Windows 10 pro & Traktor Pro 3.

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Sorry, Native Instruments has not provided HID support for the CDJ-3000. You can map the CDJ as a MIDI device, but there are no plans for HID support within Traktor.

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You can still use Traktor Pro 3, Serato Pro, and Virtual DJ they will recognize the V-10 Mixer as well as the DJM9000nxs2 mixers

I know as I have tested all of the above DJ

software and that is my findings.

so you can use your keyboard or mouse, however still no Hid Mode yet, but it will be coming down the pike in the near future.

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