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DJMS9 - USB Port A Recently Having Connection Issues. USB Port B works fine.

Only one of my USB Ports is acting up (and it used to work completely fine)! I need help or advice on what to do here...

I've had a DJMS9 since it's release. Have always used USB PORT A until about a year and a half ago in the middle of a gig it would lose connection and give me that high pitched noise for a few seconds and then it would re connect and continue playing the song. It is NOT the USB Cable or the Laptop as when I switch to USB PORT B everything works completely fine. I've been using USB PORT B ever since and haven't had any issues.

Again - USB PORT A will work for a little bit... but randomly it will just lose connection for like 5 seconds and then reconnect. This is anxiety that NO DJ NEEDS! Lol.

I would like to get back into the habit of bringing two laptops to weddings and since COVID has ruined my DJ Schedule I figured I would look into getting this USB PORT A fixed up. 

Anyone ever have this problem? Know what I might need to do to fix this? I want to re iterate that it is NOT the USB cable and it is NOT the laptop as everything works fine when plugged into PORT B.

Any thoughts or advice or anything would be very helpful here. Thanks!

Kevin Markey

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