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rekordbox - naming of memory & hot cues

I am giving names to all of my memory cues and hot cues and appy a specific colour. The names are always the same like: Start, Beats, Synth, Main Theme, Break, Drop etc.

What might be a good enhancement if rekordbox would allow to store a customizeable list of names, I can either select from a drop down when assigning the cue or hot hue in rekordbox. This would save me a lot of typing.

Or even 1 step further. I can assign a name to the colour I can choose. If I choose i.e. the red colour it would auto populate the name of the cue point. In this case I would only need to select the colour and will always get the name I want. In addition it could be overwritten in case I want a different one. If the customized table has no assignment for a colour it would use a blank field for the name.

It would be great if you could consider this. 
Thanks for listening.

Frank Richter

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