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CDJ-3000 - loops + staying in time generally

CDJ-3000 owners, I am curious how the following work if you get two tracks that you know are the same speed (i.e. 125.000bpm modern dance music purchased from beatport. It can even be the same track mixed in to itself).

  • If you set up a long loop (32-64 beats) on one track and manually beatmatch it the another, how long does it play for until the drift between them becomes audible?

  • If you just play the same two tracks together, getting them manually beatmatched at the start, do they stay together in perfect time for the whole duration of the track? Or does one start to drift?


Daniel Wilde

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Hi Daniel

with such a long loop length (and fewer loop cycles) like you suggest, I can play a full 6 or 7 minute track with no audible drift from the looped deck.

a much bigger test is looping just ONE BEAT on deck A and playing a full track on deck B which i also tried. I found that a manually beatmatched track would start to drift out after a minute and a half or so (after which it's probably cycled 150 times) - you'd probably never do something as extreme like that in practice though.

if you activate Beat Sync on the deck with the tiny loop, it stays in time for the full 6 minute track.

Hope this helps.

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