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i have some suggestions for firmware upgrade of DDJ1000.

1) Keeping the beat value applied on effect in memory.

This is the major problem on this DDJ1000. The beat setting of an effect is changed when choosing another effect. For exemple : i use ECHO (set at 1/2 BEAT), and after, i jump to another effect. This action makes loosing the beat previously set for ECHO : if i return to the ECHO, the beat is not set on 1/2 like at the last time ECHO was used. I want to keep the setting of each effect for refind it when i return on the concerned effect (like on DJM). I don't know if this explaination is clear, i'm not good english speaker !


2) Allowing to browse more than 2 PAGE of elements with PAGE/SAMPLER BANK buttons.

REKORDBOX has 4 (or more) page slots (depending of features used), but from the DDJ1000, it's only possible to toogle between 2 PAGE. For acceding to more, it's necessary to use the mouse. For exemple sampler has 4 BANK, but it's only possible to acceed to 2 BANK with the DDJ buttons. Idem for FX. Improvment consists to allow the DDJ1000 to browse all page REKORDBOX permits it.


3) Changing RELOOP function behaviour.

When RELOOP function is used (SHIFT+LOOP OUT), LOOP is not replayed as it was set.

For exemple, if i make a 16 BEAT LOOP (or other value different from 4 BEAT), LOOP is re-set to 4 BEAT at RELOOP action. Improvment consists to relooping the LOOP at the same length it was done. When i make a 16 BEAT LOOP, i want to re-have this 16 BEAT LOOP when i RELOOP.

4) Allowing SEARCH buttons works to set IN and OUT LOOP points like on CDJ.

Sometimes with not accurate GRID, it's necessary to use the adjust LOOP points (editing IN or OUT point). When editing is enabled, it's easy and more accurate to use SEARCH buttond to shift frame instead the jog. (CDJ allowing it since CDJ500LTD).

5) Reducing the span response of LEVEL/DEPTH rotaty trim with LFO effects.

On LFO effect, summing the effect on original signal makes level increasing a lot. It's normal thing, but accuracy of the WET/DRY is more difficult to control as only the first third of coarse is interesting.

I propose to set the 50% not at the center of the coarse but at 2/3 of the coarse for the LFO effects (specially FLANGER).

6) implements the same CUE/PLAY POSITION index on jog as CDJ3000 !!!. Screen reading is better on CDJ3000 and its peripheral index than on the DDJ and its big two sticks.





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Also, please upgrade the display with various templates, including layout as on CDJ-3000, CDJ-2000 NXS2, ..

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