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How to Sync external Gear

Of you have a djs1000 (master) you can sync your drummachine via midi out and the djs1000 with DJ llinkto the DJ setup. This way everything is in sync. Ik would like a box so you can cut out the djs1000 pretty expansive Just to sync. So please Pioneer build a midi to djlink box that would be awesome for livesets
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Hi Supportteam,

I want to Sync my Roland Tr-08 Drumcomputer to my DJM 850. I made a connection by a Midi cable. Turned on Midi on my DJM but no Sync. From Roland they say you don't need to select a midi channel! It should work directly. My question is do I need to configure my DJM 850?

Or different setup:

Maybe its possible to connect my DJM and Roland TR-08 through USB to a computer. Is it possible to Sync through a computer?

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