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CDJ-3000 Firmware Update 1.06


Just in case you missed it as Pioneer doesn't seem to have it mentioned in their News section as usual.

The CDJ-3000 got a new Firmware Update since November 4th.

Here are the changes from the update history:

Ver.1.06 (4 November, 2020 Update)
✓ Improved the response of the CUE button when turning the jog wheel.
✓ Improved performance / stability when using Touch Preview and Touch Cue.
✓ Improvements to jog wheel when in vinyl mode. Specifically when the track is paused.
✓ Unable to load certain tracks that have been exported from rekordbox to a storage
device (SD / USB).
✓ Elements of the Beat Countdown were displayed incorrectly.


Just saw it is announced on the Global website but not on the German one....

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We're aware of the corrupt file issue and our web team will be updating the page shortly. Thank you.

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hello, I download firmware 1.06 but the file is corrupt

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