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Plans to integrate DJM FXs into DAW??

Hi guys, for years i have received questions from many people asking if there is any way to use the DJM FXs inside a DAW for example by CC midi messages like an external synth. I know this is not possible at the moment but i was wondering if there is any plans from pioneer to step into the DAW world with DJM beautiful effects? I think u guys can take advantage of those needs as ur mixers are famous for the amazing filters and FXs. Regards Dyan K (www.sidebunderground.com)
Dyan Katz

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Forgot to clarify. Im trying to use the DJM FXs as midi CC messages with a DAW signal (for example a full track/production) fed into DJM input channel then DJM adds the effect i need on top of my track and i record the final result in DAW. I see people using Midi messages as a controller of some DAW internal plugin but i dont need that. Im looking to automate DJM fxs into DAW productions. Is this possible?

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