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Artist database improvement (with a solution!)


I've a lange music archive that is nearly perflect tagged and named. I use MusicBrainz Picard to get the data from MusicBrainz (IMO the best and most accuarate database). I play Drum & Bass, but i think the problem affects everyone...

In D&B many artists work with others and also with MC's. That ends in a huge list of "different" artists, e.g.:

  • DRS & Dynamite MC feat. Keeno & Obsel
  • Calibre feat. DRS
  • Dogger & Mindstate w/ Liam Bailey & DRS
  • Workforce feat. DRS
  • LSB & DRS
  • DRS feat. Chimpo, Fox, Marcus Intalex, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy


As you can see the artist tag field is filled with many different combinations of artists and MC's. The problem is that even when i search for "DRS" on my XDJ, becauso i know he was involved in a track i can't exactly remind, i don't get a list that lists ALL tracks that includes "DRS". I always get list for each unique "artist"-combination. So if i want to find a track i always have to check every entry and have to go back if it wasn't the right one.

I don't want to try to reduce a track artist to only one person, it's impossible and as a database fetishist i want the most possible accurate artist and track information ("feat. XY" in the track title is a no-go).

But, MusicBrainz Picard offers a solution:
They also add a ID3Tag "ARTISTS" (with a "s" at the end) that provides all involved artist in a semicolon-separated list, e.g for "DRS & Dynamite MC feat. Keeno & Obsel":

  • Title: Still Beautiful
  • Artist: DRS & Dynamite MC feat. Keeno & Obsel
  • Album Artist: DRS & Dynamite MC
  • Artists: DRS; Dynamity MC; Keeno; Obsel


As a developer of a media manager, I would say it shouldn't be a problem to add another link table that connects a track to the individual artists.
With an additional table the "by artist" list and the "search results" list than can list "DRS" as first entry and all combination of artists below.
The "artist" information in recordbox still should be displayed as usual but in the background and the "Info" dialog you can list an additional field for all seperated artist.

As an example (Of course I don't know how you currently set up the database, as it is encrypted ;-) ):

artist table (at):

  • ID1 - DRS
  • ID2 - Dynamite MC
  • ID3 - Keeno
  • ID4 - Obsel
  • ID5 - DRS & Dynamite MC feat. Keeno & Obsel
  • ID6 - Calibre
  • ID7 - Calibre feat. DRS


track table (tt):

  • ID1 - Still Beautiful
  • ID2 - White Horses


track artist link table:

  • tt-ID1 = at-ID5
  • tt-ID2 = at-ID7


track artists link table:

  • tt-ID1 = at-ID1
  • tt-ID1 = at-ID2
  • tt-ID1 = at-ID3
  • tt-ID1 = at-ID4
  • tt-ID2 = at-ID6
  • tt-ID2 = at-ID1


With something like this (can be improved for sure) a query by "DRS" results in:

  • DRS:
    Still Beautiful
    White Horses
  • DRS & Dynamite MC feat. Keeno & Obsel
    Still Beautiful
  • Calibre feat. DRS
    White Horses


Yeah, that's what would make my and maybe some other users happy :)

Stephan Schück

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Thanks for the suggestion Stephan, the problem as I see it is that there is no current official standard across filetypes for a multiple-artist field, and even for generally-accepted data separation, such as the semicolon for ID3 tags in MP3s, doesn't work in all applications. That means the data would have to be manually entered within rekordbox and most DJs aren't willing to put in that kind of effort.

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Sorry for my late answer.

I have to correct myself:
The ARTISTS information is saved under multiple ARTISTS entries, not as single semicolon separated entry:


And yes, it's any ID3 v2.4 feature to list attributes as multiple values. I'm not shure wich version you use to save tags in MP3 and FLAC, but no one has to use it because there still is the "ARTIST" entry that can be handled as usual.

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