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Deleting multiple playlists takes a long time one by one...


I have about 60 playlists that I would like to delete and it is taking me a long time to do it one by one.

Can I suggestion an option to allow a user to select multiple playlists at once by holding Shift or Ctrl.

If you are worried about people accidentally deleting playlists then may I suggest an alert/confirmation box appearing which asks you to confirm deletion. Alternatively, a lock icon/toggle next to the playlist name which prevents deletion. 


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I know, right? Moved to the suggestions forum.

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Also the option Delete all Playlists except Smart Playlists would be very nice. Smart Playlists are sooooo convenient, BUT I delete my Playlists very often (and then re-import updated playllists) and am more or less forced to delete all (hence I was searching this forum and found this post). So I keep losing my Smart PLaylists too.. 

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