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ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 narrow beam

This is no real new fixture request. The fixture(s) for ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 is already available and works fine.

Maybe it is possible to duplicate the given fixture(s) for ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 and configure it so, that the "zoom"-channel is set to 10° instead of 60°. So the fixture makes a nice narrow beam.

By duplication the fixture(s) you will also able to use both of them in your venue configuration.


Update 03.01.2021: Sorry, the channel documentation through the PDFs above is missleading. The value 0 represents the wide beam, and the value 255 the narrow beam. So I would suggest to take the value 230. I just tested it with my Inno Pocket Z4 fixtures.

Refering to the manual the "zoom" channel has to be set to the value 255. I tested a little bit and would suggest the value 230. All other channel do not need changes.

16 channel mode --> zoom channel: 13 --> value 230
19 channel mode --> zoom channel: 15 --> value 230
22 channel mode --> zoom channel: 17 --> value 230

So for the existing fixtures i guess that the "zoom" channel is fixed to the value 0.


Thanks in advance,

Tobias Strauchmann Non pianificato

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I just updated some of my description through the missleading channel documentation in the PDF files.

See corrections above.

Thanks, Tobias

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Dear Tobias,

Apologies that we were not able to reply back earlier.

Regarding the narrow beam of the ADJ Inno Pocket z4, that ch is defined as "SetZoomLevel". rekordbox application does not manage that channel .

Please use "DMX Direct Control" feature instead. 

Please see that feature on  LIGHTING mode Operation Guide.



Pioneer DJ Support

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Hello Pioneer DJ Support,

thanks for your reply. Ok, I will give the "DMX Direct Control" feature a try.

But nevertheless I think, that the "SetZommLevel" Channel needs to be set with a fixed default value. I think, this must already be made for the existing fixture definition(s) for the ADJ Inno Pocket Z4.

So my idea was to duplicate these fixtures with a different preset for the "SetZoomLevel" channel as given in my initial post.

Thanks, Tobias

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