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Pioneer DJM-850 audio drivers for new Mac with M1 chip


I have just purchased the new Macbook Air with an M1 chip running the Big Sur OS. 

I am using a Pioneer DJM-850 mixer with Phase and Serato. 
When I tried to install and the audio driver from here: https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/support/software/djm-850/.
I got an error message and installation failure. 

I do know that some Pioneer mixers can work with the new MacBook. So I wanted to check if this issue is indeed related to the new OS's incompatibility with the drivers? 

And if yes, do you have any idea about the timeline for releasing a new audio driver version compatible with Big Sur. 

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Hi Velina,

Unfortunately, per the news announcement updated on December 22nd, we still do not recommend users upgrade to Big Sur at this time, as we have not yet verified compatibility for our products. There are two options available for most users:

1) Wait until the updated drivers are released. We expect the validation to be completed soon but do not have a timeline available. Any driver updates will be released as they are completed.

2) Downgrade your computer to Catalina. The problem with this option is it's a destructive downgrade requiring the formatting of your drive. There are instructions available online for backing up your user data, then installing Catalina and restoring the data, but we are not responsible for that process. This is not an option for users with the new Apple M1 CPUs as Catalina will not work on those computers.

Please watch our social media channels and news page for announcements.

Thank you for your patience,

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