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Suggestions for rekordbox

Here are some items that could be interesting for a variety of users.
I've been using tidal for a few weeks now and some crucial meta data about songs aren't getting to rekordbox :
1- song's year, genre etc. Not too sure what is available from tidal but it seems more limited in Rekordbox than what you can see in Tidal's app.
2-Ability to not "squish" the waveform when using 4 decks horizontal...
3-Choose what alignment for the waveform. Currently only the center alignment is available but the "left" alignment like on the CDJ3000 would be interesting.

4-Allow the metadata of music playing in performance mode to be accessed via OBS; since a lot of people are now stremaing live sets it is a bit tricky to get it done via non supported 3rd party solutions (github's various projects to access the "history" folder of the current session)

5- Tidal's implementation with Kuvo; nothing comes out at the moment for streamed songs.

Hope some of these are helpful to others and make their way into a future update.


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Agree completely, we should be able to access Track Information to send to OBS or to integrate with other tools !! Besides that the Tidal not send track information to Kuvo is strange, someone from Pioneer support in Brazil where I am from closed a ticket that I placed that this is due Copyrights what does not make any sense, no one knows if the track I am playing come from Tidal or stored in my Laptop,



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Would love to see after all these years playlists handled like Serato crates, in which you can create subcrates within a main playlist, this way you can view all the tracks in the playlist, and still have sub-playlists for maybe specifics (clean, dirty, years, or genres. etc. For example;

Genre (Playlist shows everything for that genre)
--> 70s (sub playlist, just shows 70's, or however you set yours up to be)
--> 80s
--> 90s

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