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DJM V10 "PC MASTER OUT", no internal available

The PC MASTER OUT is missing as an available option when the DJM V10 is as a device in the Rekordbox preferences menu.  My DDJ 1000 and DDJ 400 both show the PC MASTER OUT  option available. Also I am unable to select internal when using the V10. Is this option only available with the DDJ series or is one of my settings wrong.  I'm attaching screenshots of my Rekordbox and MIDI audio settings. all my software is up to date with the latest drivers.  
Mac Big sur 11.2
with Rekordbox 6.5.0
V10 driver 3.0.1

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PC Master Out is only available with certain devices, the V10 is not one of them, sorry. In order to replicate that you could create a multiple-output device in your Mac's Audio Devices panel by adding the internal speakers and the V10 (effectively what rekordbox does anyhow)

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