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Toraiz SP-16 with XDJ XZ - link issue.


I've just got the SP-16 and trying to link it to the XDJ-XZ using the PRO DJ Link.

I have audio working through the master out into channel 3, but even after changing the Sync mode in the settings on the SP-16 (and with Master player selected) I cant seem to get it to link.

Ive just updated firmware on both XDJ XZ and SP-16 so I cant be that.

Anyone had similar issues who can help?



Troy Hodgson

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If you're trying to use the XDJ-XZ with rekordbox in performance mode, it will not sync as no ProDJ Link data is shared. It will however work if the XDJ is in stand-alone mode playing from USB drives. Have you set the Pro DJ Link as the sync source on the SP-16?

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