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Are there any Pioneer mixers that use a Post-Master Level for headphone cues?

Taken from my previous post to better explain the situation:

"On the original 900, if I had the headphone cue turned all the way to Master, had the monitoring cue button set to Master (with faders and trim levels up, of course), I was able to turn the Master Volume up/down and hear the Master level.

Now, on the NXS2, if I set my cue/monitor/levels to the exact same thing, when turning the Master Volume up/down, I get nothing. I can turn it all the way to the right to ear-shattering levels, but there is no Master Volume adjustment."

( Response from Pulse):

"That's because the master cue audio is taken pre-master level so if you have the master volume down, you can still cue a proper level in the headphones. This change was made in the NXS2 model by request of DJs. If you want to have consistent levels between the master and channel cues, simply match the levels between the channels themselves and the master output on the meters, then selecting a channel or previewing the same channel on the master will have the same volume in the headphones when the mix is at 12 o'clock."


So my question is this - what mixers are available that have the "old" style, or what was the last mixer released that had the old style? It doesn't have to be a 4-channel. 


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Hi, at least the DJM2000 has the same behavior. I know because I read an article about it and this "feature" has been criticized there :-)

I don't know why the 900NXS2 behavior would be a problem, from my workflow, the first thing I do with the next track to play is proper leveling with all EQs at 12' clock, then cueing, beatmatching and in last step mixing.

If you are doing leveling the same way for each input channel, all channels have same volume. and ya should be fine. Also - as Pulse mentioned - the advantage is then that your cue/master volume on headphone is independent of actual master output.

It would be interesting to know why this is critical for you?


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Hi Markus,

I want to make sure what's coming out of the master is the same as what I'm hearing in the headphones. So if I'm monitoring via the master level out  (master cue is on), and listening to the Channel 1 cue (also on), I'd want to have the ability to adjust that sound. So when I start to mix what's coming out of the master, I'm able to hear what exactly what everyone else is hearing. 

I think that was a great feature to have on these mixers, and I'm sad it's going away (or even gone at this point.) For me, having that ability made my workflow a lot easier than what it is now. It's as if I'm listening to both songs at the same time at 100% with no ability to adjust sound to adjust my mix. I feel like I'm slamming tracks instead of being able to bring them up properly.

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