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can' t record with djm 850 usb rec out (solved)

Warpin Progress Oggi alle 11:22

My djm 850 was not recognized by applications.
Believing that the problem was related to the Asio drivers, I moved the rec Out from channel 7 and 8 to channel 1 and 2.
This didn't solve anything.

Wanting to do some tests to understand why it does not work, I tried some recordings through the Audacity software.

The djm 850 actually appeared in applications but trying to use it resulted in an error or no sound.
Trying to register with djm 850 in audacity returned error 9999 "unanticipated.....".

Following internet tutorials after several attempts I found the solution in disabling Windows Defender.
After a short test recording using two cd-player, with good results,  I restored the Windows Defender settings.

I expected that by restoring the previous Windows Defender settings, the djm 850 would start not working again.

Incredibly, even having restored Windows Defender to the previous settings, the djm 850 continues to work and record regularly and I no longer see the 9999 error
???? it worked once and Once is forever !!!!?????

I hope it can help somebody,


Warpin Progress

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