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DJM 800 faceplate replacement

Hello everybody. I have a DJM800 in great working condition, but not so great cosmetic condition. I would like to replace the whole faceplate as there are a few scratches on it. I am curious to find out if when replacing the faceplate the display window comes off easily(may be pop-off and pop back on the new faceplate) or it is glued and I need to purchase the display window separately??? If anybody has ever dealt with this sort of issue, please share some information. I would greatly appreciate it!!!!
Also if Pioneer DJ staff has any advises to share regarding this, I would like to hear them as well!!! Thank you folks for the support!!!


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I'd suggest simply purchasing a skin instead of replacing the faceplate. It's less expensive and you can get a custom design. Check out StyleFlip or 12inch Skinz.

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