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Pioneer DJM-S9 Performance Pads Lights


I just received a DJM-S9 and have been trying to set it up.

I have installed the driver and updated the firmware without any troubles.

Everything works fine but the only two things that seems not to work properly are the performance pads lights. They don’t have the colors of the cue points that are set. The display at the performance pads on the S9 doesn’t show anything either. Function-wise the pads are working.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Adika Suhari

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Are you possibly on macOS Big Sur? You'll need to first check that you have macOS Big Sur 11.2 or newer installed, and ensure you have properly installed the DJM drivers following this guide. If you have an M1 processor, you'll also need these instructions as there is an extra step required to allow the drivers through the system security.

In addition, you must be using the Serato DJ Pro 2.5.0 beta available here; they have not yet announced full macOS Big Sur support for their public release.

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