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BeamZ LS-3DRG Red & Green 3D Laser DMX


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Hello Andrzej,

Unfortunately, rekordbox does not support any Laser type fixtures. 

The fixture you you requested is 3 or more axis laser. Basically, rekordbox lighting does not support any fixtures with multiple axis laser.

Please see the link below for unsupported features. https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000046523-Lighting-Fixture-Request

  • Only specific DMX lighting fixture features – such as the dimmer, strobe, color and moving head (PAN/TILT) – can be controlled with Lighting mode.
  • Fixtures with other features, may not work as expected.
  • Features such as gobo, along with some effect lights, lasers, fog machines and all-in-one lighting systems, aren't supported.


Pioneer DJ Support 

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