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Headphone Mixing Dial - Weak Master Signal

Lurker here. I recently picked up a used DJM 800 which i've been using with XDJ 700's.

I have noticed that with the majority of my tracks I receive a very weak master signal through my headphones, and to receive a "50/50" of cue and master volume I end up having the dial set to around 3 or even 4 o'clock. I regularly use other gear like DDJ400 and XDJ RX where the 12 o'clock position achieves "50/50" with the exact same tracks.

Is there an issue with the mixer? Or, ideally, is there something else i'm missing to correct for this?

Appreciate any input or advice.

Steaphan Venter

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Are you adjusting the channel trim every time you load a track?

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