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S11SE - Random bugs/glitches


I'm using and updated (1.03) S11SE and updated Serato DJ Pro (2.5.1).

I'm having random problems, i'll try to explain a few.

First of all, there was some kind of a lag when pressing hot cues. The lag (which was permanent) was accompanied random USB dropout. These problems were not happening with any other dj equipment.

This problem was solved by formatting the hard drive and installing a newer osx version - Mojave.


Now I have experienced other random problems, more S11 related. 


At one moment, for a reason I can't explain, the cue pads changed their behavior - when I press them they did not play, but they did trigger the cue point when I released the pad. I have it captured on video, very weird. It gets weirder - so the cue is triggered only when I release my finger, and then if take the volume down a notch - the track stops!

Anyway, had to turn everything off and the problem didn't come back until now.


Am I the only one having problems?

Nadav Ya'akobi

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The first issue sounds like it was probably an incompatible OS you had previously.

Regarding the pad issue, check in the Serato settings that you don't have any MIDI remapping enabled.

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