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Djm-S7 and Serato dj eject track from right deck ?

So i have a DJM-S7 using Serato Dj with a new M1 Mac.
I am using two Technics turntables with Vinyl control records

With tracks loaded on either deck everything seams to be fine.

But as soon as i move the headphone Fader to listen to either track in my headphones, the track playing on the right deck immediately ejects itself. This happens every time. Even if there is no track loaded on to the right deck and you move the headphone fader. The eject button flashes blue on the virtual right deck!!!

All of my software is up to date. And have being trying to sort this issue out with Pioneer. But so far not much look.

Is anybody else having this problem and how can i fix it ?

Any info would be great.



eldon conner

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Open Serato DJ Pro, open Settings, click the MIDI tab. Click the DJM-S7 in the upper window, un-check the "Allow hardware remapping" box above it.

Let us know if that fixes it.

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